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Friend 2 Listen & One2One

Welcome to circle of Friends

you have came to the right place for free affective support for you if you like to continue to read on we will explain who we are and what we are trying to achive.

friends in circle

is our small staff team our team are people who Are volunteers who has spared time for Friends2listen & One2One . There have installed our softwear to enable them to chat to you from there own homes so there can have comfort as well as you. we have six members in our team all are older enough to express there support from there own life experiences' I have taken two years to choice the right people to be in our circle as there may not get paid there do get donations from us as a thank you' for there help and support. we want to invole you in this so contact us or mention it to a operator who standing by to hear from you.

take you time looking at our site but do check in to say hello

Please go to our main web site this is all free for you ' there is No charge to use our services. please read our site for full details.

we offer a free Agnoy Aunt/ Uncle Advice and support. we are the only free one out there .

we have live chat support read site for more details


 we have friend s from different country's who can also help and chat with you. the best thing about us ' we are now just in the uk. Friend2listen will be One2one online in the near future to make us as one. Friend2listen is exactly what it mean  A Friend 2 Listen and chat. 

why are we free. ?

there is many aunts and uncles who charge by word / or to chat with someone. we don't think that is right talking is free that is why we was give in this Gift is to communicate' if people charge for this its there own choice but we we prefer to have donations. if your happy with us and you feel that we have given you the best Advice /Support then you give a donation ! if you don't then that is your choice, Donations is any amount there is no Min-or max. donation. Donations are through PayPal.    

To donation and help with donation please go here,

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