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Welcome to the Agony Advice External Links section. In order to make it easier for you to find the links you're interested in, we've categorised them into sections. Just click on the relevant advice section to be taken to the section anchor on this page!


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Benefits and Homelessness Community Portal Visit for !Benefits and Homelessness Community Portal

The Consumer Credit Counselling Service - CCCS is a charity dedicated to providing confidential, free counselling and money management assistance to financially distressed families and individuals.

Debt ManagementClear your debts with The Debt Line. Our debt management plans do not involve getting anymore credit.

Debt Consolidation - Are you falling behind of your monthly bills? Confused, and not sure what to do? Visit us.


Coping With Loss - Guide to coping with loss

Mental Health

Mind - The National Association for Mental Health in the United Kingdom campaigns on behalf of those with mental illness.

Mental - Charity improving the lives of those with mental health problems or learning disabilities.

BBC Mental Health - Excellent site discussing mental health.

Professional Listener - Based on the premise that what most people would really like is, "Just to be listened to." Although everyone’s intention and desire is to be a good listener there aren’t many people that are. 


Careers And Work

Coaching UK - Coaching UK and Coaching Related Links


Legal Issues - Very informative U.S. legal site



Addictions - website discussing addictions of all kinds. 

BBC Addiction site - resource investigating different types of addiction

Links For Men

Ask Men - Men's online magazine

Men's Health - Site covering men's health

Links For Women 

Pregnancy and Parenting Forums
Support and Advice for parents and parents to be by way of mutual discussion and friendly chat.

Baby Gift Accessories and Unique Women's Apparel - Baby gift store and boutique which also features unique collection of women's apparel. Keeping mom and baby hip and up to date.

Fibromyalgia symptoms treatment Fibromyalgia FMS treatment
Learn about signs, symptoms and the best treatments for fibromyalgia, fibromyalgia syndrome and FMS symptoms.

Complete Guide to Infertility and Adoption
Shared Journey provides quality information about infertility, miscarriage, surrogacy, pregnancy after infertility, living child-free, and adoption.


General Advice - SpeakOut is a help and advice community, offering articles, one-on-one advice and a forum to help people deal with depression, self esteem and other issues. A very nice site indeed.

ProblemExchange - ProblemExchange is a global advice service where you can post your problem and get answers, suggestions, tips or just general wisdom from around the world.


Fun And Laughter 

The Weekly Gripe - The Weekly Gripe is your place on the web to have your say about anything you like. Get that gripe out into the open and tell them what it is that really ticks you off!

Deadbrain - Political parody, modern-life spoof and satirical news. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

ChaseMeLadies - Off-the-wall comments from a very popular, postable blog. - A site for all wonderful and interesting things.

Other Links - A free submission UK business directory - Receive advice from golf's premier agony aunt, Ms Kallas-Way; improve your mental game with the humour column and drop your handicap with the illustrated tips.

High and Deep - Adventure travel destination guide.


friend2listen's agony aunt column on DearCupid.ORG for relationship advice

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